We Also Offer Maintenance after Installation

The Ishino Group’s comprehensive support system provides peace of mind even after installation.

On-Call Maintenance

Customers can request maintenance service outside of the scheduled periodic maintenance, and we will send someone to provide service.

  • Every member of our maintenance staff is an employee of our company with specialized professional-level training.
  • Our telephone support line connects customers to our specialized support staff, to provide emergency assistance and assist in problem-solving.
  • We offer English-speaking support staff to provide assistance to overseas customers.
  • Our proprietary customer management system allows for comprehensive after-sales service.

Maintenance Training Sessions

We offer simple training sessions for customers’ staff members who are in charge of our products on-site.

  • Instruction in maintenance work, including proper tune-up techniques and cleaning techniques.
  • Instruction on how to deal with issues, and how to get equipment back up and running after a problem.
  • Instruction on proper use of tools, and points to keep in mind.
  • Training in safety and risk prediction, and more.

For inquiries about maintenance:

Kitanihon-Kakoh Co., Ltd.
Service Department
FAX : (076) 277-3574